When I was young, I had to quit dance classes. We lived out of town and the more you advanced in dance class, the later the classes were, which was difficult for our family to arrange. My mother pulled the pin when I was about 9. The next year, I (unwisely?) went to watch all my friends perform in the annual concert our dance school put on and I bawled my way through the entire thing. I was so heartbroken not to be a part of it.

Fast forward about 11 years when I moved to Melbourne and someone caught me watching a dance rehearsal with longing eyes. After a brief discussion, he marched me up to the choreographer and signed me up for her beginner Jazz class. It wasn’t long before I ended up joining the Adult Hip Hop class. You know, since I’m so gangster…

Actually, once I got over how lanky and awkward I felt, I really enjoyed Hip Hop. I’m not exactly a prodigious talent or anything, but I am pretty faithful (committed? stubborn?) so I kept at it ever since. I was eventually invited to be a part of the performance team for our church. We get the incredible privilege of dancing in front of thousands of people at Planetshakers events which is way beyond what I ever imagined doing when I was younger. 

What a crew.
 Recently, we opened for the TGIF event which combined all of the high school and university aged students from all our campuses on a Friday night. We pulled dancers from both those areas and trained for the weeks leading up. We had three choreographers and dancers of varying experience and skill so it made for a crazy few weeks. To be honest, that’s where most of the fun is had. As exciting as being on stage can be, it’s over in a flash. The hours that go into it all beforehand are where you make friendships and memories that last for a lifetime. 

Rehearsal time
 That’s not to say performing isn’t also quite fun. This time, we had about 1600 teenagers and young adults packed into the auditorium. We got to go on first to set up the atmosphere for the rest of the night. When the band got up and started playing, we stayed on stage to help lead the praise party. That was a solid 15 minutes of dancing around on the stage. Needless to say, we were pretty exhausted by the time we got off, but it was all worth it! 

Watch us whip!


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