Mount Dandenong

As much as I enjoy living in the suburbs of Melbourne, it’s nice to get away from all the busyness every now and then. Some of my teenagers were keen to go on an adventure so we drove up to Mount Dandenong. One of my greatest thrills is introducing people to my favourite things (hence this site?), especially if they enjoy it half as much as I do. We trekked all the way to Sassafras — home to the cutest shops on the mountain. The girls were particularly enraptured by the puppet shop and the candle shop. We also stopped at Brother Jon’s Cafe for Heavenly Scones. Tasty.

A puppet wonderland
Our main purpose for our trip was to take some photos in the bush. In usual fashion, we managed to spend so much time fluffing around Sassafras that by the time we headed to the One Tree Hill picnic ground, it was getting quite late. Quite accidentally, though, it meant that we stumbled upon some great natural lighting. We wandered around the bush, taking turns at posing like no one was watching because no one was! Sometimes we need to get away from the crowds and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature.

Here are some of our better shots! I had to persuade the girls not to jump the fence at this point.

“Can we go and pat the horses?”
 We wandered a bit deeper into the bush than the average picnic-er at the One Tree Hill picnic area. 

Bush walks
Denilze and Ayen
The girls tried their hand at a few shots as well, although I do need to teach them how to focus…  
Riveting conversation, I’m sure.
Tree inspections
Some of the younger family members who saw the photos later insisted that we must have used a green screen rather than actually found such a backdrop in real life. Not sure why they thought that would have been less effort than driving half an hour up the mountain. We are lucky to have such a beautiful place so close to home though!



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