When I was a young girl, my dad would frequently stop everything we were doing to point out the sunset. We grew up on a farm and sometimes he would even call us from the paddock over the UHF radio to say we needed to go outside and check it out. To this day, I love the way a sunset gives me an opportunity to pause to reflect on beauty every day. I can often be heard yelling at whomever happens to be with me, “Stop! Look at the sunset!” What probably annoys my companions even more is the frequency with which I try to take a photo of the sunset. I can’t help myself even though I always think to myself, “What am I going to do with all these?” So I thought I’d share some of them here.  During my last trip to Central Australia, Dad and I decided we needed to get some photography practice in so we drove out of town a few kilometres to find some scenery. Before we knew it, it was getting dark (and our dinner was getting cold – sorry mum!). We did have lots of fun though.

Taking sunset photos with Dad
Shadow puppy.
Macdonnell Ranges

I can never resist a good beach sunset. My photo library is full of them. This particular one was close to home; taken at Carrum Beach.

Beach sunset

     A cityscape also goes well with a sunset. This skyline is one of my favourites: Melbourne!

Overlooking the Yarra River  
The view from Melbourne Park

Here’s to many more sunsets to photograph.



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